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Live concerts via ALL Broadband

LTV develops and promotes live concerts for broadcast via the Internet. We offer wide-ranging music entertainment, distributed via ALL Broadband, cable systems, satellite, DVD, and online LTV Platform.

You have access to our live events at  Our format also highlights major recording artists, producers, and directors.





LTV also delivers comprehensive music industry programming and information, on artists and industry history, for example. Our focus is on educating our audience on key music trends and genres and how they relate to culture and fashion. Our target audience is 12-to-55-year-olds, with music and programming formats that promote positive lifestyle values to our audiences.


As a public service to our communities, we plan to communicate a positive lifestyle message, focusing on contemporary social issues. Our plan is to provide socially and culturally enriching alternatives to existing broadcast programming choices, by keeping abreast of our audience’s interests. This will enable us to provide the best quality video programming.


At LTV, we are committed to striving for excellence in television programming and online content. Therefore, we devote airtime to independent producers, and hosts and promotes concert events each year.


We also strive to foster science and technology programs to improve health and save lives in developing countries. We raise funds, seek out experts, and provide vaccines, drugs, and diagnostics to meet the most important needs, such as the prevention and treatment of infectious diseases.