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Liberation TV ROCKS, is the Broadcast & Telecommunications ARM of the LIBERATION TV ORGANIZATION family. A 21st century conglomerate, searching the world for the 'best of the best' in new technologies, infrastructure, processes, products and content for introduction and implementation in service to ​consumers globally​. 

“LTV ROCKS, is a revolutionary television Network that empowers consumers everywhere!​"​

 LTV ROCKS, is a full services Broadcast & Telecommunications infrastructure company.

​Liberation TV. is a tax-exempt 501(c)3 Charitable  Mediagenic holding Company with Headquarters in Sunnyvale, Silicon Valley, California. We are a unique television network broadcast with a global offering.

LTV ROCKS, Broadcast TV video catalog, comprises of Music videos, Sports & Entertainment, TV & Films. We also feature Animation, Documentaries & Docudramas, Classic, Sitcoms, Children’s programming, Gaming, Raw Reality TV, Sci-Fi, Unscripted, Comedy, Local and International channel stations and News, distributed via Telco, Cable TV, ISP’s, Satellite, Telecommunications Networks, online, Apps and service providers around the globe.​


LTV is dedicated to implementation and operation of large-scale broadcast and communications projects that can become the driving force for social, investment and economic growth​.​


​W​ith our value added standardized technologies, we considerably reduce broadcast &​ telecommunication cost to consumers.






The mission of LTV ROCKS, is to liberate all viewers inhibited by the norm of commercial programming, by providing fresh and diverse, innovative, informative, educational and entertaining programs with featured original television programming which are designed to be provocative, illuminating and useful for daily living, formatted for

​a diverse audience​ and delivered via broadband telecommunication wire services,​ globally.


LTV has differentiated itself by not only creating & delivering original programming content,​ but also manage,​ repurpose & distribute programming content to millions of subscribers around the world through our turn-key IPTV solution business model. (The way and means)






The LTV ROCKS can be delivered directly to any environment. Consumers can access the LTV service via a plug ‘n play client device (commonly known as a Set Top Box), via the internet to the PC or wirelessly to a mobile device.   The audience has a consistent looking viewer user interface (VUI) across all platforms.  LTV ROCKS leverages an ASP business model to deliver our programming content to all access partner types.​


Integrated “Quad Play” services operating on IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) and broadband network infrastructure​.​

In today’s dynamic and highly competitive business environment, competition continues to intensify, while margins and pricing on traditional voice services continue to erode. "LTV ROCKS" must provide, new enhanced subscriber services while simultaneously reducing operational costs to sustain profitability and grow revenue.



Historically, separate providers have delivered residential voice, video, ​data ​ and wireless​ services,​ over distinct infrastructures — telecommunications​.​


​C​opper wire for voice or data, and multiple system operators (MSO) and hybrid fiber coaxial (HFC) for video,​ data or wireless​.


 "LTV ROCKS" offers all four​ services over the same network.

​ (Quad Play).​



All of the key industry players including wireline, wireless, cable, and satellite operators, as well as content providers face significant business challenges and profit pressures.


In this highly competitive market, LTV ROCKS looked for technologies that can meet market requirements, be deployed quickly and affordably, scale to meet user base requirements and boost return on investment (ROI) in their existing infrastructure.


To attract and retain subscribers, LTV ROCKS must differentiate itself by offering better network services, creative product bundles, innovative pricing, and convergent billing. While traditional voice and access services remain an important source of revenue, margins on these services continue to decrease. As voice, video​,​ data​ and wireless​

commerce continue to converge in next-generation networks to sustain profitability.



"LTV" will be there, offering a broad range of differentiated services as a means of competing effectively and maintaining subscriber loyalty. By expanding our offerings beyond single-service business models, to new services such as triple play (voice, video and data), streaming media, gaming, virtual private networks, application hosting and IP telephony, as we seek to differentiate ourselves and retain customers.