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 Thank you for visiting the Liberation TV Organization website! We hope you enjoy browsing our website, and that you find a lot of useful information. We invite you to join our mission of promoting the greater good by providing FREE quality music education for all Children and young adults.

We look forward to sharing our knowledge and experience in order to increase awareness of the issues surrounding and in providing free quality music education, arts, culture, science & technology for Children and young adults and how you can get involved in charitable activities.


Why is music such a vital ingredient for the development of children?

Music is tonic for the psyche!


Music benefits child development is many ways. It nurtures language development as familiar words in songs stimulate increased synaptic connections in the brain. Singing songs and reciting poetry and rhymes helps children develop early literacy skills.


Rhythm also helps develop language skills, and using rhythmic instruments develops reading skills. Young children recognize rhythms, sounds, tones, and pitches long before they talk, sing, or dance. Therefore, the more children are exposed to music, the better they will speak and read throughout their lives.


Our Future!Our Future!

 Music nurtures children’s self-esteem and encourages creativity, self-confidence, and curiosity, helping them develop listening skills and concentration. Songs inspire and encourage speech and auditory disposition. Children learn to hear tempos, dynamics, and melodies as they define loud and soft, up and down, and fast and slow, which encourages the brain's auditory development.




Music is even correlated with the development of math skills. A simple melody can help a child learn basic skills such as identifying a repeating pattern, counting, and sequencing, further stimulating neuronal connections in the brain.


Researchers at Harvard and the University of California found that music helps train the brain for advanced cognitive functions. For example, researchers believe that music affects spatial-temporal reasoning (the ability to see part-whole relationships).


Another study conducted by psychologists, writers, and doctors specifically links the study of music to brain development. It has been demonstrated that children who had early exposure to complex multi-sensory stimulation—in this case, musical keyboard lessons and group singing—scored higher on tests measuring spatial reasoning, a crucial skill used in math, science, and engineering.


Music helps develop motor coordination by encouraging purposeful movement. As human beings, we respond naturally to music by moving. Music also relieves stress, through songs, chants, finger plays, and movement. Group songs create feelings of security.


Transitions are easier with music. For example, getting children to move from one activity location to another is easy when it is accompanied by singing a song. Music also encourages and develops the creative process by, for example, changing the words to familiar songs.


Children with special needs also appreciate music: It is an effective way to stimulate speech development and promote cognitive and motor development, while creating a meaningful environment for the student’s growth and development.


Music lasts a lifetime!Music lasts a lifetime!

Music is the gift that lasts a lifetime.....

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School-age children have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to learn and socialize. Music and the arts can help children learn to express themselves. Without music education in our schools, children lose valuable opportunities to enjoy the many developmental benefits of music.


Many public schools have already ended their music programs for budgetary reasons. As public funding dwindles further, more music programs will disappear from schools, and more children will lose this wonderful opportunity to reap the unique benefits of music education.


The time to save music education is now. The Academy for Music, Arts, Culture, and Technology, supported by Liberation TV ORG., is a private initiative committed to this goal. We are dedicated to helping create better educated, more well-rounded young people by supporting music education in our schools. Click here Join us.